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J&J Halts Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Due to Unexplained Illness

Establishing Vaccine Safety


Here’s How the Pandemic Finally Ends

Ask the Experts: Vaccines and Vaccinationalism

It’s possible there won’t be a COVID vaccine

China and Russia adopt ‘one team’ mindset on COVID vaccines vs US

Republicans are furiously gaslighting Americans who worry about Trump rushing out a vaccine for the election

Qué fue el incidente Cutter y cómo ayudó a que el desarrollo de vacunas sea más seguro

Inside Oxford’s Vaccine Saga: From Wild Hype to Sobering Reality

Vaccine Economics: Where Profit and Public Health Collide

Gain Trust for Vaccine

Past vaccine disasters show why rushing a coronavirus vaccine now would be ‘colossally stupid’

What Happens If China Gets the Covid-19 Vaccine First?

The Need for A Balanced Portfolio – Vaccine-Wise

How Politics Muddied the Waters on a Promising COVID-19 Treatment

China’s Vaccine Front-Runner Aims to Beat Covid the Old-Fashioned Way

Congressman Kim Holds Telephone Town Hall on Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

Time Needed for Vaccine


Vaccine Opportunities and Risks


Operation Warp Speed

The two sides of America’s coronavirus response

Russian Coronavirus Controversy

Russia’s coronavirus vaccine: will it work, and is it safe?

How do we learn to live with COVID-19 if we’re still waiting for a vaccine a year from now?

Race to distribute vaccine in danger without winning public’s trust, researchers say

First Covid-19 vaccines due early 2021, but can they deliver as promised?

AstraZeneca Signs First COVID-19 Vaccine Deal with China’s Shenzhen Kangtai

Medical Experts Wary of “Warp Speed” Coronavirus Vaccine

Why scientists are worried about a ‘Warp Speed’ COVID-19 vaccine

Making Sure We Get a Safe & Effective Coronavirus Vaccine

A Covid-19 vaccine, amazingly, is close. Why am I so worried?

What’s With the Quick Russian Coronavirus Vaccine Approval?

Even With A Vaccine, It Will Take Months If Not Years to Beat the Coronavirus

A Coronavirus Vaccine Won’t Change the World Right Away

The US Government Gets in the Vaccine Business

Double-Shot Covid Vaccines Multiply Immunization Challenges

COVID-19 vaccine researchers draw on knowledge from history’s ‘huge disasters’ and success stories

The Economics Of Vaccine Pricing

Planet Money

The need for a balanced COVID-19 portfolio

COVID Gives Big Pharma a Chance to Revive Its Brutal Image

Partying American Just Got a Reality Check From The Coronavirus

The First Covid Vaccines May Not Prevent Covid Infection

Can Operation Warp Speed deliver a COVID19 vaccine by the end of the year

Addressing rumors, conspiracy theories related to coronavirus

The Pandemic’s Most Bitter Pill

The Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine

Everything Old is New Again

The Race for a Cure

Slow down with the vaccine optimism. We have a long way to go.

Should researchers deliberately infect volunteers with coronavirus to test vaccines?

Drugmakers Tout COVID-19 Vaccines To Refurbish Their Public Image


The FDA used expanded power to fight the coronavirus. Will future credibility suffer?

Coronavirus Facts Only

Covid Exit Strategy Depends on Getting Vaccine to Whole World

Five myths about vaccines

It is Impossible to Have a Vaccine by End of Year

What a sugar cube can teach us as we develop a coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine in 18 Months? Experts Urge Reality Check

Vaccine Experts Inject Realism Into US Gov’t’s COVID-19 Timeline

Covid-19 and the Race to Develop a Vaccine

The Body: A Guide for Occupants

In a period of ‘social distancing,’ reading history might valuably occupy your time

Debunking Myths About COVID-19, Treatment, Vaccines

A book that should interest everyone who has a body

2e vague du coronavirus : inquiétude en Allemagne, un scénario similaire en France ?

An Optimist’s View of the COVID-19 Outbreak


The return of cancer’s magic bullet

The End of the Beginning: Cancer, Immunity, and the Future of a Cure

A cancer researcher chronicles the history of the disease and the prospects in the search for a cure.

The C-word. Michael Kinch’s new book and the future of Cancer Treatment

Medical History: Vaccines and Immunity

Wash U’s Michael Kinch Traces Past, Future Of Cancer In ‘The End Of The Beginning’



Current State of the Vaccine Wars


New Book: Vaccines Have Always Had Haters

Wash U administrator’s new book explores history, future of vaccination

‘Between Hope and Fear’ Review: Anxieties Immune to Reason

Why vaccinations are lifesavers


Mining data for the history of pharmaceutical development


Arrested development

Drug Industry In Peril


Restarting the Antibiotic Pipeline

Antibiotics shortages could put patients at risk from superbugs

Antibiotic Shortages On the Rise in U.S.

University-industry partnerships can help tackle antibiotic resistant bacteria

Antibiotic Pulled From Dirt Is a Breakthrough, But Don’t Celebrate Just Yet


A History of Drugs, Compiled

The Dwindling Stock of Antibiotics, and What to Do About It

How Many Drug Companies Manage to Get Two New Drugs Approved by FDA? Not Many

What to do about the dwindling stock of antibiotics

Merck invests in new antibiotics

The end of antibiotics? Researchers warn of critical shortages

The Antibiotic Arms Race Has a Capitalism Problem

The Importance of Protecting Biotech R&D

How To Fill The Antibiotic Void

Amoxicillin to Zoloft: History of drug development chronicled

‘The process by which drugs are discovered and developed will be fundamentally different in the future​’